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Reformation, Volume 1, 1996

Table of Contents

Editorial 4
The Rt Revd Lord RuncieCommemorative Sermon: St Paul's, 6 October 19947
Gerald HammondHow They Brought the Good News to Halifax: Tyndale's Bibles and the Emergence of the English Nation State11
Richard MarsdenCain's Face, and Other Problems: The Legacy of the Earliest English Bible Translations29
Gordon JacksonThe Poetics of Tyndale's Translation52
Patrick CollinsonWilliam Tyndale and the Course of the English Reformation72
Christopher HillTyndale and His Successors98
Morris WestThe Bristol 1526 Tyndale Testament - its Origin and its History113
Richard Y. DuerdenThe Temporal and Spiritual Kingdoms: Tyndale's Doctrine and its Practice118
David NortonOn Some Words in Tyndale's Old Testament but Missing from the Authorized Version129
Judith FordThe Decline in the Use of Latin for Will- and Testament-making in Early Sixteenth-century Bedfordshire138
Christopher DaniellReaction to the Sale of Church Goods at the Reformation149
Matthew DeCourseyErasmus and Tyndale on Bible-reading157
Michael WeitzmanOn Translating the Old Testament: The Achievement of William Tyndale165
Bruce MarsdenSeeking a Language in Mathematics 1523-1571181
W. R. CooperRichard Hunne221
Robert J. WilkinsonReconstructing Tyndale in Latomus: William Tyndale's last, lost, book252
 Book Review286
I: David NortonA table of words used by Tyndale in the Old Testament but not found in the Authorized Version, correlated with other major versions289
II: David NortonSome groupings of Tyndale's words following the Oxford English Dictionary343
III: Jacob Latomus:His Three Books of Confutations against William Tyndale,
translated by James A. Willis
 Confvtationvm Adversus Gvililmvm Tindalvm Libri Tres374
 Notes on the Latomus Facsimile400