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This is a selective list of books currently in print and makes no claim to be exhaustive. Readers wishing to advance further into study of Tyndale will find valuable pointers in the bibliographies and notes of some of these volumes.


Buxton, Brian At the House of Thomas Poyntz : The Betrayal of William Tyndale with the Consequences for an English Merchant and his family (2013).

Daniell, David William Tyndale : A Biography (Yale University Press 1994) is the premier modern biography, particularly strong on Tyndale's work as a translator and theologian.

Edwards, Brian H. William Tyndale : England's Greatest Bible Translator (Day One Publications 2009) is a very readable and fully illustrated, but authoritative, short book following Tyndale through the places in which he lived and worked, both in England and on the mainland of Europe. Whilst in a 'Travel' series it can equally well be read at home.

Moynahan, Brian Book of Fire (Abacus 2011) is an account of Tyndale with special emphasis on his confrontation with Thomas More. This was originally published in 2003 as William Tyndale : If God Spare My Life.

Teems, David Tyndale : The Man Who Gave God an English Voice (Thomas Nelson 2012) attempts to present Tyndale's life and work from his own point of view, rather than as how others saw and see him.


Cooper, W.R. ed. The New Testament 1526 : Translated by William Tyndale : Original Spelling Edition (The British Library 2000).

Crystal, David Tyndale's Bible : Saint Matthew's Gospel Read in the Original Pronunciation (British Library 2013) available in CD-Audio format or by MP3 download.

Daniell, David Tyndale's New Testament : Translated from the Greek by William Tyndale in 1534 : In a Modern Spelling Edition (Yale University Press 1989).

Daniell, David Tyndale's Old Testament : In a Modern Spelling Edition (Yale University Press 1992) is the text of the fourteen Old Testament books translated by Tyndale from the Hebrew.

Daniell, David Introd. The New Testament : A Facsimile of the 1526 Edition Translated by William Tyndale (The British Library & Hendrickson Bibles 2008) from the British Library copy.

Other Writings

Daniell, David ed. William Tyndale : Selected Writings (Carcanet 2003) is a useful short introduction to Tyndale's translations and writings.

Daniell, David ed. The Obedience of a Christian Man (Penguin Books 2000).

O'Donnell, Anne M. & Wicks, Jared An Answer Unto Sir Thomas More's Dialogue (The Catholic University of America Press 2000).


Werrell, Ralph S. The Theology of William Tyndale (James Clarke & Co 2006) provides a study of Tyndale's theology, centred in particular around the idea of covenant.

Werrell, Ralph S. The Roots of William Tyndale's Theology (James Clarke & Co 2013) is a study of the likely influences which shaped Tyndale's theology, in particular that of the Wycliffite tradition.

Werrell, Ralph S. The Blood of Christ in the Theology of William Tyndale (James Clarke & Co 2015) is a study of the role of Christ's blood sacrifice in Tyndale's thought which emphasises the distinctiveness and originality of the great English Reformer, in particular by contrast with those of Martin Luther and John Calvin.

The Bible in English

Crystal, David Begat : The King James Bible & the English Language (Oxford University Press 2010) takes over two hundred and fifty expressions which the King James Bible helped to popularise but shows how most of these could be found in earlier translations, nearly ninety in Tyndale.

Daniell, David The Bible in English (Yale University Press 2005) is a major overview of the story of the Bible in the English language through the centuries.

Norton, David The King James Bible : A Short History from Tyndale to Today (Cambridge University Press 2011) surveys the development of the 1611 version, including drawing attention to the debt owed to Tyndale.


Reformation is a leading journal for the publication of scholarship concerning the Reformation era founded by Professor David Daniell. It addresses any aspect of the Reformation, broadly considered. Possible topics include, but are not limited to, theology, church history, or religious matters Protestant, Catholic, and Radical; English and Continental literature; social, political, and intellectual history; art history and architecture; music; the Bible, biblical scholarship and translation; translation, scholarship, and education more generally. Currently the editor is Mark Rankin, Associate Professor of English at James Madison University, Virginia. He can be contacted by prospective authors at reformation@jmu.edu. For further information about the Journal, including online access to some back editions, see Taylor & Francis at www.tandfonline.com/journals/yref20. Tyndale Society members whose subscription includes Reformation have the benefit of free access to the online archive.

The Table of Contents for Volume 1 can be accessed from a link on the Journals page.

Tyndale Society Journal

Twice a year members of the Tyndale Society receive The Tyndale Society Journal. The Journal is the principal means of communication between members and features articles by members and others, lists of events, write-ups of events, letters, announcements, reviews and other items of interest to Society members. The editor, Neil Inglis, is always pleased to receive proposals, submissions, and comments, and these should be directed to him at lordstarlink@gmail.com.

Tables of Contents for Journals 1 to 30, produced between 1995 and 2006, can be accessed from links on the Journals page. From the Tables of Contents there are links to some of the more important articles which have been published in the Journal.

A wealth of Tyndale material is available on the internet. Many of the works of William Tyndale can be accessed free and in full online. A selection of links is provided on the Links page.