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Tyndale Society Journal - No. 1, March 1995

Table of Contents

Editorial  4
Sir Edward PickeringPulpit, Preacher, Press5
David DaniellThe First Tyndale Forum7
David NortonThe Oxford International Tyndale Conference10
Anne M. O'Donnell & John T. DayTyndale Commemoration in Washington D.C.12
John A.R. DickTyndale Commemorations in Toronto14
Gillian GrahamNotes on the Commemorations during 199415
John Tiller, Joan WilliamsThe Hereford Celebrations19
June Chantry & Michael SawardAnniversary Hymn20
Sue ThurgoodLetters from the Grateful Living21
U.A. FanthorpeTyndale in Darkness23
Bishop Richard HarriesCommemoration Sermon29
John C. DaviesProfitable Inspiration33
Profile:Tony Tyndale35
Hilary DayPostwar Bible Translations37
Ronald J. SimBible Translation in Africa41
Guido LatréTyndale the Translator Meets Plantin the Printer45
Brian H EdwardsTyndale & His Gospel52
Anne O'DonnellEditing Tyndale's Independent Works55
Gillian GrahamA Personal View57
 God's Outlaw, the Film60
 Translating the Gospel into Film61
 Notes & Queries64
 Society Notes66
 Conference footnote68
 In our next Issue...69
 Among our contributors70