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Tyndale Society Journal - No. 4, June 1996

Table of Contents

Robert WilkinsonLaunching 'Reformation' in Westminster Abbey5
Gregory MorrisTyndale and the Song of Songs7
Simon Frazer'An Authorization for No Authors'15
Ayeshah Haleemletter19
Peter W. Coxonletter20
Colin WolfeWilliam Tyndale, a Facsimile and Me23
Deborah PollardA Concordance for Tyndale25
Hilary DayThe Holy Bible Translated by Monsignor Ronald Arbuthnott Knox28
Bruce MarsdenThe Copernican Revolution and The Reformation34
Michael RedmanThe Tyndale Lectionary42
 Society Notes60
 Second Oxford International Conference details61
 Leuven Conference details62