Tyndale Society Journal On-Line Archive

Tyndale Society Journal - No. 5, October 1996

Table of Contents

Ian Sciortinoletter5
Margaret Greenletter6
W. R. CooperBible Smuggling During the Cold Wars7
Colin WolfeJohn Wesley's New Testament12
Bruce MarsdenThe Copernican Revolution and The Reformation15
G. E. HallA Scriptural Pilgrimage Through the Cotswolds28
Dr Hilary DayPost War Bible Translations - the Revised Standard Version and New Revised Standard Version31
J. C. DaviesDonald Davie, ed. - The Psalms in English38
Bill CooperGeorge Marsh of Chester43
Chris DaniellTyndale and Adeline50
ObituaryMajor Charles Henry Guise Tyndale, 1918-199652
 Notes & Queries, and an Apology to Gregory Morris53
 Society Notes54