Book Review

Many Tyndalians, while reading about the continental wars of religion, may yet miss a very 'good read'. i refer to a rare new translation of the three hundred year old German classic bestseller Simplicissimus by Johann Grimmelshausen. This novel has been praised by some, set at the the same level as Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress or Cervante's Don Quixote.

Thomas Mann described it as 'The rarest kind of monument to life and literature because it has survived almost three centuries and will survive many more'.

It is a mixture of the picaresque, the Rabelasian and the moral tale, interlarded with some lightly wielded classical erudition, and is the history of the type we have come to recognise as the 'Divine Fool', whose foolishness is both a wonder and a great source of amusement. More of us, outside the Fatherland, have heard of the satirical magazine named Simplicissimus, published during the Weimar republic. I commend the addition to your library of this fine reissue of the original in our own language -- still guaranteed to provoke thought and smiles today.

Simplicissimus by Johann Grimmelshausen, translated by Mike Mitchel (first
1668), ISBN 1 873982 78 X