'Let There Be Light', the Slide Talk ... Second Edition!

The second edition of Let There Be Light, the slide talk on the life and work of William Tyndale, will be available by Easter. The first edition sold out, and many people were disappointed and have had to wait, but now they will receive the second edition as soon as it ready. New orders can be sent to Charlotte Dewhurst, the Secretary, at her address at Hertford College, Oxford.

The second edition includes slides taken by Paul Stuyven, the Art Faculty photographer at Leuven University under the direction of Dr Guido Latre. Guido has provided information to improve the talk a great deal. I am very grateful them both. '"Now we have pictures of, for example, the English House in Antwerp, the Medieval alleyways and the printing presses from the Plantin Moretus Museum. The sound track is being re-recorded and can be provided on cassette or minidisc The fall text of the soundtrack is included.

The cost for the second edition remains 25 or the equivalent in other currencies. This does not actually cover the true cost, but Joan Johnson, from Moreton in the Marsh, has very generously made the production possible. if you buy the presentation I hope you will show it to as many groups as possible and sell the introductory booklets and information currently being prepared by the Ploughboy croup to interest a wide audience and encourage new members of the Society.

I would like to thank Professor Daniell and all those who have tried to ensure that this presentation reflects the most up to date research into Tyndale's life yet want a presentation which will provide an introduction for a wide audience of any age.

David Ireson, The Vicarage, Brendon Road, Watchet, Somerset, TA23 0HU Email: David.Ireson@btinternet.com

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