Tyndale Society Journal On-Line Archive

Tyndale Society Journal - No. 21, April 2002

Table of Contents

Valerie OffordEditorial4
Geneva Tyndale Conference Papers:
 David DaniellThe Geneva English Bible: The Shocking Truth8
 Carsten ThiedeReconstructing Manuscripts using Confocal laser Scanning Microscopy (reporter P Parry)26
The Annual Gloucester Lecture October 2001:
 Nicholas BuryNew Wine in Old Bottles (reporter D. Green)28
Deborah PollardTyndale Society Website32
Letters to the Editor:From Robin Everitt, Ronald Mansbridge, Vic Perry, Bill Cooper, Ross Purdy34
Valerie Offord (compiler)Exhibition - Thomas Bodley and his library38
Book Reviews:
 David NortonIn the Beginning: The Story of the King James Bible by Alister McGrath39
 Neil InglisThe Book: A History of the Bible by Christopher de Hamel42
American News46
Anglo-American Press Gleanings:
(compilers Neil L Inglis and Valerie Offord)
Bible Thefts: Lanark and Hungary
East Anglian Mediaeval Murals
Ploughboy Notes and News
 David IresonGetting into Deep Water51
Tyndale Conferences:
4th International Conference, Antwerp, Belgium54
Wycliffe New Testament 138857
ObituaryIan Sciortino † December 200158
Society Notes and News from Charlotte59
Items for Sale61
Dates for Your Diary65