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Tyndale Society Journal - No. 22, July 2002

Table of Contents

Valerie OffordEditorial5
 Morna HookerTyndale as Translator8
 Tai KawabataTyndale and the English Bible25
Letters to the Editor:From: Bill Cooper (poem), Alistair Budd, Ronald Mansbridge, Peter Mullen30
Book Reviews:
 Prof HouldenTranslating the Bible 7th to 17th century by Lynne Long33
 Prof HouldenThe Bible in the Renaissance edited by Richard Griffiths33
 Neil InglisWide as the Waters by Benson Bobrick35
 Peter CliffordThe Quest for the True Cross by Carsten Thiede and Matthew d'Ancona38
 Jim McCueThe Wycliffe New Testament 138840
American News:
 John HellsternLiving Word National and Bible Museum
International Society of Bible Collectors Meetings

Anglo-American Press Gleanings:
(compiled by Neil L Inglis and Valerie Offord)
Britain Bars Henry VIII Divorce Documents
The White Horse Inn
 Chas RawsTyndale and Today's Ecumenism45
 David GreenThe Tyndale Memorial Trust46
 Rowland WhiteheadRecent Tyndale Wanderings47
 A D H Thomas'William Tyndale' - Replies to David Ireson48
Ploughboy Notes and News:
 David IresonGroup Notes51
 Mary ClowDeep Water ... A Ploughboy Responds52
 David GreenTracking Tyndale in Germany53
 David GreenPoem – Death at Vilvoorde54
Annual Tyndale Lecture Gloucester Cathedral 2002:
 Chas RawsHumanity as Victim55
Tyndale International ConferenceAntwerp Conference Update
Stop Press - Antwerp Conference
Exhibition Tyndale's Testament
Society Notes62
Items for Sale64
Dates for Your Diary69