Tyndale Society Journal On-Line Archive

Tyndale Society Journal - No. 23, December 2002

Table of Contents

Valerie OffordEditorial5
 Anne RichardsonTyndale and the ordeal of Bartolomeo Platina8
 Ralph WerrellTyndale's Theology13
Antwerp Conference:Antwerp speakers and abstracts20
Reports on the Antwerp Conference:
 Eunice BurtonA Comprehensive Account33
 Mary ClowEvensong in Antwerp Cathedral39
 Brian JohnsonA Personal Tour of the Exhibition Tyndale's Testament43
 Joe JohnsonA Yankee at the court of King Antwerp48
Award of Churchill Medal of the English Speaking Union to Dr Guido Latré53
Letters to the Editor:From Robin Everitt, Ronald Mansbridge, Vic Perry54
Book Reviews:
 Don MillusIf God Spare My Life: William Tyndale etc56
 Neil InglisBloody Mary's Martyrs by Jasper Ridley59
 Julian LittenInward Purity and Outward Splendour: Death and Remembrance in the Deanery of Dunwich, Suffolk by Judith Middleton-Stewart62
Ploughboy Notes and News:
 David IresonGroup Notes64
 New Regional Ploughboy Group65
 Wendy MartinekTo William Tyndale (poem)65
 Robin EverittTyndale and Theology66
 David GreenTyndale and Teesdale67
 Ronald MansbridgeWho is Tyndale?68
Lambeth Diploma Week69
BBC documentary on Tyndale69
Third Tyndale Conference, Geneva, Switzerland 2003:
 Not for burning: The Marian exiles in 16th century Europe70
News of Reformation (volume 7)73
Society Notes74
Selected Items for Sale76
Dates for Your Diary78