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Tyndale Society Journal - No. 24, April 2003

Table of Contents

Valerie OffordEditorial5
 Brian BuxtonThomas Poyntz: Brought Unto Misery for so Godly a Cause8
 Ralph WerrellJohn Trevisa and William Tyndale22
Reformation volume 727
Antwerp Conference Paper:
 Deborah PollardThe Tyndale Bible Concordance28
 Eunice Burton8th Annual Lambeth Tyndale Lecture 2002: 'Ethics and the National Interest - Is there a Contradiction?' by Rt Hon Chris Patten C.H.28
 David GreenAnnual Gloucester Cathedral Tyndale Lecture 200235
 Mary ClowChristmas Meeting London 200239
Letters to the Editor:From Robin Everitt, Ian Thain40
Book Reviews:
 Alec RyrieThe Pilgrimage of Grace by Moorhouse43
 Stephen AlfordThe Beginnings of English Protestantism by Marshall & Ryrie44
 Nicholas OrmeBeliefs and the Dead in Reformation England by Peter Marshall45
American News:
 Joe JohnsonReport47
 American Author's new play48
Press Gleanings:
 Valerie OffordThe Gospel Book of St Augustine49
 Judith MunzingerNorwich51
Ploughboy Notes and News:
 David IresonGroup Notes52
 David IresonObedience: a book for every ploughboy to read52
 Robin EverittTyndale's Translation and Theology54
Tyndale Calligraphy Cards56
Annual Tyndale Lecture Gloucester 200357
Lambeth Diploma Week57
Third Tyndale Conference, Geneva, Switzerland 2003:
 Not for burning: The Marian exiles in 16th century Europe58
Society Notes61
Items for Sale63
Dates for Your Diary65