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Tyndale Society Journal - No. 25, August 2003

Table of Contents

Valerie OffordEditorial5
 David DaniellThe Making of 'The Bible in English'8
 William CooperJohn Trevisa, the Translator of Wycliffe B23
Antwerp Conference Papers:
 J-F GilmontThe 1530 and 1534 French Bibles33
 Kaoru YamazakiReformation Bibles and the Personal Computer36
News of Reformation Volume 843
 Lambeth Palace Book Launch and Exhibition44
 Paul ArblasterAn Error of Dates50
Annual Tyndale Lecture Gloucester 2003 advert51
Letters to the Editor:From: Philip White, Judith Munzinger52
Publications Committee Report53
Book Reviews:
 Neil L InglisOut of the Flames by L & N Goldstone54
 William NaphyChrist's Churches Purely Reformed by Philip Benedict57
 Tara PepperCoined by God by Stanley Malless & Jeffrey McQuain58
 Paul HelmRegisters of the Consistory of Geneva59
Press Gleanings:
 Valerie OffordAuction of Calvin Manuscripts
A Strine Bible
Prague Bible
Ploughboy Notes
 David GreenCompton Abdale in Reformation Times65
 Vic PerryThose Thats73
Lecture Titles Tyndale Conference, Geneva 200374
Third Tyndale Conference, Geneva, Switzerland 2003:
 Not for burning: The Marian exiles in 16th century Europe75
Society Notes77
Items for Sale79
Dates for Your Diary81