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Tyndale Society Journal - No. 31, August 2006

Tyndale Society Journal - No. 31

Table of Contents

Valerie OffordEditorial5
 Anne HudsonThe Premature Reformation9
 Eunice BurtonLondon Walk and Study Day21
 Brian BuxtonA Walk through Early Tudor London23
 Ann ManlyLondon Study Day Concert by the English Chamber Choir25
 Andrew HopeNew Research on Humphrey Monmouth28
Review article:
 Peter RichardsAll manner of books35
Annual Tyndale Lecture Gloucester Cathedral 200639
Letters to the Editor:David Green, John Flood, Richard Carter40
Book Reviews:
 Neil InglisAnn Boleyn: A new Life of England's Tragic Queen42
 Margaret ClarkThe Swiss Reformation45
 Amy CaldwellThe Italian Reformers and the Zurich Church47
 Margaret ClarkMass and Parish in late Mediaeval England: The Use of York49
 Ralph WerrallThe Cambridge Companion to Reformation Theology50
 Sarah CovingtonFisher of Men: A life of John Fisher 1469-153552
 Raymond ChapmanWhose Bible is it? A history of the Scriptures through the ages54
 Mary ClowWhy I am still an Anglican56
Worcester Conference 200756
North American News:
 Jennifer BekemeierReport57
2nd International Tyndale Conference Virginia, USA58
Exhibition Reviews and News:
 David GreenSaint John's Bible59
 Valerie OffordHolbein in England60
 Eunice BurtonThe Wardington Library Bible Auction61
Press Gleanings:
 Valerie OffordThat which was lost is found64
The Friends of Godby Tim Reeve64
Ploughboy Notes:
 David IresonReflections on a Visit to Harvington Hall65
 Victor PerrySome Recent Books with a Tyndale Perspective67
 Bill CooperReview of www.greatsite.com69
Sightings of Tyndale:
 Competition - Where is it?71
Requests from the editor72
Dates for Your Diary73