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Tyndale Society Journal - No. 33

Tyndale Society Journal - No. 33, August 2007

Table of Contents

Valerie OffordEditorial5
 Randall J PannellWhy begin with the Book of Jonah?8
 Rod LiddleWho are we? We are what the English Bible has made us20
 Thomas MartinArthur, Prince of Wales and the English Reformation24
 Eunice BurtonLondon Study Day: Not so wicked Mammon II30
 Brian BuxtonThe Mercers' Company and the Reformation36
 Eunice BurtonTudor Protestantism and the Use of the Vernacular38
 Eunice BurtonWorcester Tyndale Conference44
 Peter McClarenFox on Hooper54
Letters to the Editor:Bill Cooper, Ralph Werrell, Vicky Roe, Brian Edwards57
Book Reviews:
 Neil InglisSebastian Castellio58
 Bill CooperLuttrell Psalter Facsimile61
 Christopher HowseMarking the Hours: English People and their prayers62
 Emma WatsonThe King's Reformation: Henry VIII and the Making of the English Church65
 Margaret ClarkWilliam Cecil and Episcopacy 1559-157766
 Bill CooperKing James His Bible and its Translations69
Stationers' Company 450th Anniversary Lecture70
Exhibition Reviews and News:
 Brian BuxtonHolbein in England72
 Angela ButlerSacred: an exhibition at the British Library76
Press Gleanings:
 Angela ButlerGeneva Reformation Museum77
 Angela ButlerRare Calvin Manuscript78
Items for Sale79
Sightings of Tyndale:
 Valerie OffordPoem from the Bodleian80
Society Notes:
 Mary ClowReport81
 Mary ClowGloucester Meeting of the Prayer Book Society82
Requests from the editor84
Dates for Your Diary85
ReformationVolume 1219
 Liverpool Hope University
  Conference 2008:
Call for papers29
 Day One Publications:Martyrs of Mary Tudor35
 Vance Publications:King James, His Bible and its Translators83