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Tyndale Society Journal - No. 34, January 2008

Table of Contents

David Ireson, Mary ClowEditorials5
 Mostyn RobertsWilliam Tyndale's 'The Obedience of a Christian Man'8
 Anne RichardsonThe American 'Obedience' - A Progress Report21
 Donald Dean SmeetonThe Significance of the Tyndale-More Debate in this Post-Modern Era25
 Peter MarshallBetrayers and Betrayal in the Age of William Tyndale34
 Hugh Latimer'Frutefull Sermons': a Tudor Bestseller48
 Vic PerryTyndale's Usages: A Holiday Sermon57
Event Reports:
 Mary ClowThe 13th Annual Lambeth Lecture60
 Nick SandersonStationers' Company 450th Anniversary Lecture62
 Guido LatréTyndale in the Barn65
Letters to the Editor:Brian Buxton, Mary Clow on behalf of the Trustees67
Book Reviews:
 Mary ClowConstantine's Bible68
 Margaret ClarkPhilip Melanchthon and the English Reformation69
What are you Reading?
 Mary ClowReformation' by Diarmaid MacCulloch71
Forthcoming Events:
 May Events:Hertford College Chapel, Oxford
Merton Priory, Wimbledon
 June Events:Tyndale's Gloucestershire, Bristol73
 July Events:Tyndale, More and their Circles, Liverpool Hope University
A Celebration of the Life & Martyrdom of John Fryth, Sevenoaks, Kent
 September Events:14th Annual Lambeth Tyndale Lecture, London84
 October Events:Hertford Tyndale Lecture, Oxford84
 December Events:Carol Service and Christmas Party, London84
Press Gleanings:
 The IndependentLanguage Observations74
 N.Y. Review of Books'Wars over the Printed Word'75
 Islington NewsletterWilliam Tyndale Defeats Joan of Arc76
Society Notes:
 Mary Clow71
 Melissa BriggsSir Rowland Whitehead79
 David DaniellRev Dr Edwin Robertson81
Dates for Your Diary82
Ad Specs59