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Tyndale Society Journal - No. 35, Autumn 2008

Table of Contents

Eunice Burton, Brian BuxtonEditorial5
 David DaniellIntroduction to Tyndale's 1526 New Testament8
 Ralph WerrellTyndale in Gloucestershire16
 Eunice BurtonTyndale in Stained Glass26
 Brian BuxtonSources of Confusion31
 Elaine BishopFaithful Unto Death: The First Sussex Marian Martyrs re-visited39
 Peter RaesA Tale to Tell43
Event Reports:
 Eunice BurtonCranach Exhibition47
 Mary ClowMerton Priory49
 Eunice BurtonHertford College Chapel Centenary Day51
 Eunice BurtonBristol Conference - Tyndale's Gloucestershire57
 Mary ClowLiverpool Hope University Conference64
 John FloodLollardy Conference66
Letters to the Editor:Ralph S Werrell, Bill Cooper, R. Magnusson Davis68
Book Reviews:
 Korey Mass'Authority and Consent in Tudor England'71
 Brian Buxton'Thomas Cromwell'73
 Brian Buxton'Locating Privacy in Tudor England'74
 Donald Smeeton'Religion in the Age of Shakespeare'76
 Margaret Clark'Christianity's Dangerous Idea'78
 Neil Inglis'Burning to Read'80
Forthcoming Events:
 September Events:14th Annual Lambeth Tyndale Lecture, London86
 October Events:Hertford Tyndale Lecture, Oxford
Tyndale Evensong, St. Adeline's, Little Sodbury
 December Events:Carol Service and Christmas Party, London86
Society Notes:
 Mary Clow84
 Robin Everitt85
Dates for Your Diary86
North American Report87