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Tyndale Society Journal - No. 38, Spring 2010

Table of Contents

EditorialNeil Inglis5
 Andrew HopeWho was William Tyndale?10
 Brian BuxtonIdentifying John Tyndale25
 Christopher WilkinsThe Poyntz of Iron Acton35
 Anne RichardsonJohn Fisher vs William Tyndale42
 R Magnusson DavisTyndale's Humble Messiah54
Event Reports
 Eunice Burton15th Annual Lambeth Tyndale Lecture61
 Valerie OffordCelebrating the life of Carsten Peter Thiede65
Letters to the Editor
 Anthony Mitchell67
 Peter Hancock68
Book Reviews
 Mary ClowA History of Christianity70
 Bill CooperWilliam Tyndale - An Introduction71
 Mary ClowThe Last Knight Errant72
 Anne RichardsonBurning to Read73
What are you Reading?
 Mary ClowWolf Hall78
Forthcoming Events
 8th - 10th April:RSA Conference, Italy83
 28th April:Charterhouse Tour and London Walk, London44
 4th - 5th July:John Frith Celebrations, Sevenoaks, Kent83
 5th - 7th May:400th Anniversary of the King James Bible, Ohio77
 6th - 8th September:Tyndale and the New Learning, Antwerp 
How I Met William Tyndale
 Valerie OffordOut of the Trashcan79
 Mary ClowHow I met William Tyndale81
Society Notes
 Mary Clow82
 Peter Raes82
 London Charterhouse Tour and Walk44
 Moreana - Special Offer53
 The New Testament 1526 - Special Offer66
 Ohio State University Conference - 201177
Dates for Your Diary83