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Tyndale Society Journal - No. 43

Tyndale Society Journal - No. 43, Winter 2014
(published February 2014)

Table of Contents

 Ian ThainTyndale's Congregation11
 Ruth Magnusson DavisNo Room in the Inn16
 Francisco EcheverríaThe concept of persona in the work of Servetus
trans. Peter Robinson
 Anne M O'Donnell SNDAnne Richardson Remembered27
 Neil Langdon InglisAnne Richardson Remembered30
 Sheila FairbankNones32
On the Web and YouTube
 Brian BuxtonThe new Tyndale Society website33
 Brian BuxtonThe Most Dangerous Man in Tudor England  review35
 Bill CooperBattle for the Bible  review37
 Bill CooperThe Devil's Words  review38
 Bill CooperHenry VIII's Enforcer : the Rise & Fall of Thomas Cromwell  review39
Event Report
 Brian BuxtonLondon Day 2007 : a Footnote41
Books and Other Reviews
 David IresonMarcus J Borg  Evolution of the Word
Jose Antonio Pagola  Jesus : An Historical Approximation
 Henry WansbroughRalph Werrell  The Roots of William Tyndale's Theology47
 Mary ClowReza Aslan  Zealot48
 Bill CooperTyndale's Bible : St Matthew's Gospel
audio in original pronunciation

What are you Reading?
 Mary ClowHannibal Hamlin  The Bible in Shakespeare51
Future Events
 Ipswich, May 201452
Media Gleanings:
 'William Tyndale' Downton Abbey53
How I Met William Tyndale:
 Nasim Tadghighi54
Dates for Your Diary58