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Tyndale Society Journal - No. 47

Tyndale Society Journal - No. 47, Autumn 2016

Table of Contents

David Daniell17 February, 1929 - 1 June, 20165
PoemPrinter's Devil by Jason Smith15
 Dom Henry WansbroughPrologues to the Epistle to the Romans16
 Ruth Magnusson DavisWhosoever shall hurt one of these little ones25
 Brian BuxtonWilliam Tyndale, chantry priest31
 Susan BordoHoward Brenton's Revision of Our "Default" Anne37
 Ramona GarciaMammon for Monuments45
 Mary ClowA fragment of Greek papyrus50
 John HellsternErasmus Conference51
 Ralph WerrellWilliam Perkins & the making of a Protestant England53
 Brian BuxtonThe Murderous History of Bible Translations57
What Are You Reading?
 Eunice BurtonThe Great Humanists59
 Mary ClowConversations with Scripture60
How I Met William Tyndale:
 Marilyn Hamlin Palasky62
Dates for Your Diary63